Strategy Consulting

At Swiftware we have built several mobile and web-based businesses – and we'd love to assist you in build yours.

Business Modelling  –  User Acquisition  –  Retention  –  Monetization


Business Modelling

A good business idea is a great starting point for a business. However, before writing your first lines of code, you should have a clear understanding of your target customer and the value provided by your solution.

Our Entrepreneurship-educated experts help you test your assumptions and guide you to turn your idea into a viable business model.

User Acquisition

There's an inconvenient truth we need to tell you: the gold-rush on the web and App Store is long gone. To strive in today's digital world, you need a tailored marketing strategy.

Having sold hundred thousands of units of our own apps, we help you find the right user acquisition strategy for your business.



Mobile and web-based business are in a constant fight – a fight to grab the customer's attention.

There's numerous distractions for your users – be it social media or other apps. We help you create engaging user experience that make your users stick.


App and web-based business can be monetized in many different ways – including one-time-purchases, subscriptions, ads, affiliate models or even data licensing.

We want your business to strive and help you determine which revenue channels you can build your business on.


Why Work With Us

  We know how to create app-based business models – we’ve done it ourselves

  We are data-driven and focus on results rather than sugarcoating

  We can guide you from idea to development to scale-up

  We operate lean and fast-paced

You are in good hands

Our own apps are used by hundred thousands of people in 150 countries worldwide.


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